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The Communities Party is here

Time to celebrate with the teams and their communities!


The upcoming Communities Party will bring together all the communities of the FITCHIN universe in the Decentraland Metaverse. The participation reservation is open so that you can obtain the shirt of your favorite team and wear its colors.

We’ve landed in the Metaverse and will be cutting the ribbon at our FITCHIN House on our Decentraland parcels, located at coordinates -133,-33. We’ll be celebrating this mega launch on Thursday, February 9, along with Furious, Giants, KRÜ and Leviathan, as well as content creators such as Manute, Kronopia, Boax and Lucius Hellsing.

All gamers are welcome to come and participate free of charge. Participants will be the first esports fans to party with their favorite teams and content creators in the metaverse.

Partygoers can check out our house, connect virtually with major figures from the teams and meet other esports fans. We’ll have games and contests and everyone will get a sneak peak at the FITCHIN pipeline for 2023.

Where will the party take place?

The event will be held on February 9 at FITCHIN's home in the Decentraland Metaverse at the land located at coordinates -133, -33. If you’re interested in participating and accessing the locale, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide just for you!

How to participate?

Check out the step-by-step guide here

You can join the event and be part of the community no matter where you are. Don’t miss out on this awesome gaming event!

What's the big news?

Among several other surprises FITCHIN has in store, this event will be the first time fans get priority access to new memberships in FITCHIN’s partner teams: Krü, Furious, Leviatán and Giants. Soon, esports fans will become founding members of their favorite teams in the FITCHIN universe, gaining access to a world of exclusive features, benefits and experiences.

We at FITCHIN have a clear mission: to put esports fans at the heart of the experience, bringing them closer to their teams and stars. In short—be a part of it!

In addition to the universe we’ll be offering on the platform, we’re innovating with teams by helping their communities join the open Metaverse. Our ribbon-cutting house party is the first step towards giving gamers a virtual world that feels like home but offers better ways to interact, be an active part of the communities and even monetize their engagement.

What prizes await participants?

Participants can win prizes and gifts through different activities at the house, including:

  • Riot Points Cards
  • Premium accounts, kits and exclusive Minecraft cosmetics for FITCHIN LAND, open world for FITCHIN communities.
  • Discord Nitro and Badges on the FITCHIN communities server

There will also be wearables that function as cosmetics, as well as skins and collectibles for each participant’s avatar. Users can gain them through games, raffles and activations with content creators.

Don’t forget to register if you want to claim collectible prizes such as wearables and cosmetic items for your avatar! We’re even giving away your favorite team’s jersey for your avatar to don!

With this innovative event, we’re venturing out into the Metaverse with our teams and their content creator partners. For the first time ever, esports fans will be able to join us on a new adventure in a never before seen virtual world.

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