Hello Game Testers!

Join the adventure as a Game Tester at FITCHIN We are very excited to present a new opportunity within the FITCHIN community, specially designed for video game lovers.

What does it mean to be a Game Tester at FITCHIN?

As a Game Tester you will be invited to events in our Discord where you will be able to test and give your opinion about games of all kinds, besides being one of the first to play new titles coming to Latin America. Your active participation and sincere comments (constructive if possible 😛) will be valued as a videogame expert and you will be rewarded for them. Recently, we have lived exciting experiences like the AMA (Ask me Anything) of the game BR1:Infinite. A Battle Royale where you earn money for every kill (yes 🤑). Together with the CEO, the community was able to get to know the game in depth, get their doubts answered, test it and participate for 50 USD in prizes.

How to become a Game Tester?

It's very easy. Join one of our open events on Discord, participate actively and at the end of the event you will receive a survey to share your feedback. Once completed, you will get the rank of Game Tester.

How many Game Tester ranks are there?

Although this position is new to FITCHIN, we want to offer you the opportunity to grow and evolve within the community in the future, which means access to better rewards and prizes for your active participation.

How will you find out about upcoming Game Testers events?

Follow us on our Official Discord, Twitter, Instagram and our events section inside FITCHIN Universe to be aware of all the news and the following activities at least 1 day in advance. Join and be part of this new gaming experience at FITCHIN! See you at the next event!

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