FITCHIN Communities Party: the first esports party in the metaverse

FITCHIN, the global Web3 gaming platform, hits the metaverse alongside Krü, Leviatán, Furious and Giants in an exclusive party for their communities. More than 350 people participated in the event at Decentraland.


FITCHIN, the Web3 platform that connects esports teams with their communities, has officially landed in Decentraland—one of the major metaverses due to its growth forecast and reliability. Major brands have already launched their own spaces in Decentraland over the last two years.

For the first time ever, esports teams and their communities partied together inside the metaverse, with over 350 fans joining. The teams’ CEOs also showed up to the event: Virginia Calvo from Giants Gaming, Gonzalo García from Furious Gaming, Sergio "Kun" Agüero from KRÜ Esports, as well as renowned streamers such as Manute, Luchi Quinteros, BoAx and Kronopia.

“We want to connect and empower the audience; that's why we join innovative activities like this. We know the esports ecosystem needs a fan-focused meeting point, and this is exactly what FITCHIN brings to the table," says Giants’ Head of Partnerships Sergio Nuñez Suarez.

For the duration of the event, all guests had access to exclusive prizes and collectibles. Among the wearables and skins for dressing up avatars, the teams gave away their official jerseys, while each content creator had a unique skin created especially for their audience by FITCHIN. Even Kun Agüero himself had his own skin: a pair of cleats and a football. All the collectibles were delivered directly to the user’s crypto wallet free of charge and now own.

“With the party we took another step to enhance our fans' experiences, so when we told Kün about what we were cooking up, he immediately said he wanted to be there partying with the fans and representing KRÜ," says Bruno Mazzucchelli, Head of Marketing at Krü Esports.

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"Fans danced and played minigames, participating in a leaderboard for prizes such as Riot Points cards, premium Minecraft packs and Discord Nitro accounts."

FITCHIN House—the metaverse’s first gaming house

The Communities Party event was held at the FITCHIN House located at Decentraland in the coordinates -133, -33. The house is a joint development by FITCHIN and MetaGameHub DAO, a tech partner and metaverse expert. Developers, designers and game experts all chipped in to deliver a unique, unmatchable experience that let teams, fans and personalities live new experiences from anywhere in the world.

FITCHIN House has three floors entirely dedicated to gamers. The first highlights the value of the FITCHIN ecosystem, its founders and advisors. The second floor features Krü, Leviatán, Furious and Giants team booths, along with information about tournaments and where to pre-register for the memberships. With this upcoming release, fans will be able to engage more with their teams as they play and enjoy digital and IRL experiences with other members and pro players.

“Esports and gaming are dynamic industries, continuously adapting to new technologies. We are constantly thinking about how to improve our audience's experience. We owe it to the fans," says Gonzalo (Gonzo) García, CEO of Furious Gaming.

The third floor is an entertainment-focused space with games, a DJ and a bar with digital drinks. On this floor, fans danced and played minigames, participating in a leaderboard for prizes such as Riot Points cards, premium Minecraft packs and Discord Nitro accounts.

A new role for esports fans

Attendees had access to a pre-registration located on each team’s card on the second floor of the FITCHIN House. Those who pre-registered will be able to become founding members of their favorite teams and enjoy unique benefits. Until now, there was no other way to become a true fan or member of an esports club, as what more conventional sports offer.

“The main objective for this event was to bring the teams and their fans together, and it was a smashing success. We’re so proud of Fitchin House as a final product and its versatility. Now, as a company, we’ll keep working to continue empowering gamers. That’s why we’re gearing up to launch the community hubs, the heart and soul of our product, where the first step is to pre-register,” says FITCHIN CEO Santiago Portela.

In that regard, the Communities Party was one of several initiatives FITCHIN offers for gamers to start living unique experiences that will continue evolving throughout 2023. For those who couldn’t attend, or for those who want to relive the experience, doors are still open—click here for more information about how to gain access.

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