Welcome to the New Season on FITCHIN! 🎆

July 1st marks the start of the new leaderboard season on FITCHIN, and we are pleased to share with you all the changes and improvements we have implemented for the communities and their members.

🏅 New Start and Fair Competition

As in every new season start, all members of the communities will start at the same point. This means that everyone will have the same opportunities to accumulate Community Points through quests, tournaments, voting and events, and climb the leaderboards.

💪 Shorter Seasons, More Competition

Previously, our seasons lasted 3 months, but starting in July, each season will be 1 month. This change is designed to intensify competition among all members and keep the excitement going throughout the 12 months of the year. With shorter seasons, you will have more opportunities to stand out and win.

🎁 Prizes and Surprises

The leaderboard prizes will continue to change with each season, offering new rewards and different surprises in each community. We are committed to maintaining the variety and value of the prizes, so you will always have something to fight for - stay tuned for updates and don't miss out!

Are you ready for the Challenge?

The new season has just started! Get ready to compete in tournaments, complete quests, participate in voting and sign up for events. Remember, every point counts, and with the new rules, every month brings a new opportunity to reach the Top 3.

GLHF to everyone! 🍀

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