FitchinLand is a MINECRAFT server developed in version 1.17 in survival mode


FitchinLand is a MINECRAFT server developed in version 1.17 in survival mode which is a Minecraft game mode in which players aim to collect resources, build their home, kill creatures and explore the land with the intention of of survive. Do not miss the opportunity to use our dynamic map, where you can see where in the world you are:

To Log in: Enter by the following means

Minecraft overall

  • IP:
  • Version: 1.14.x - 1.19.x
  • Mode: Survival


  • IP:
  • Port: 25565
  • Version: Compatible with all versions

What is the theme of the server?

FitchinLand's main theme is the survival game mode, where players will appear in a world recreated on the scale of planet earth and will be able to have their own adventure with all their friends with all this content:

  • Missions
  • Events
  • Invasions
  • Parkour
  • Tournaments
  • Rank system

Coming soon new game modalities

How do I get money and what is the currency called?

The in-server currency is called FIT+, which can be earned by working with /jobs, participating in our events, playing mini-games, and selling items in the server.

How do I get a job and what are they for?

You can get a job in 3 ways:

  • With the command /jobs join "job name"
  • With the /jobs browse command. A "menu" opens here that lets you choose the 7 job types that are available.
  • In the airports looking for the NPC that says "Jobs", here you must right click on it and the "menu" will appear to select your job.

There are 7 jobs: Builder, Crafter, Excavator, Fisherman, Hunter, Miner, Woodcutter. The jobs are used to get money and thus be able to buy various things, you can also change it whenever you want but you will lose the progress of your previous job.

What are they and how do I get the KITS?

KITS are packages with certain items that the player can claim for a certain time. Everyone will start with the initial kit and as they rank up using the /rankup command, they will be able to unlock new and better KITS.

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