More than 8 million people watched the most important LoL, CS:GO and Dota 2 tournaments simultaneously

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Electronic sports have had a huge audience for years, which has generated the interest of commercial brands and entertainment platforms. In recent weeks, the most important esports tournaments in the world have been held and the audience results achieved are remarkable.

The League of Legends Worlds, Worlds, broke all viewership records with a peak of 5.1 million simultaneous viewers during the final that the South Koreans from DRX beat their compatriots from T1. The International, the Dota 2 World Cup, reached a peak of 1.75 million simultaneous viewers during the final, in which Tundra defeated Team Secret. Lastly, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major in Rio de Janeiro, in addition to being a show for the never-ending passion of the Brazilian public, had almost 1.5 million simultaneous viewers. There, Outsiders celebrated their first title against Heroic.
If we add to this the peak of 1.5 million concurrent viewers of Valorant's VCT Champions (which the Brazilians from LOUD won) and what is to come at the Free Fire World Finals in Bangkok and at the PUBG Mobile World Cup, the numbers only They can keep going up.


The last partnership announced by FITCHIN made noise, a lot of noise. We are talking about a giant club. Giants, one of the most important teams in Spain, joined the FITCHIN universe to take the experience of its fans one step further. There are more than 30 million followers of the Malaga team, which has one of the most relevant palmares in Spain and which has competitive teams in the European phase of the Valorant World Cup and in the Spanish League of Legends Super League, in addition to competing in fighting games.

Since we are talking about Valorant and the European VCT, Giants has just announced its roster for such a date. With Pipson as coach, the five players that will start the competition in January 2023 will be Fit1nho, Nukkye, Hoody, Rhyme and Cloud.

And if you like playing Valorant and you dare to try yourself, the Giants Ultimate Challenge by FITCHIN is coming, a tournament for semi-professional and amateur players.


NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) have exploded in recent times with two clear concepts as standard bearers. On the one hand, NFTs understood as collectible pieces and, on the other, NFTs understood as a gateway to new experiences for users. Precisely, from FITCHIN we always ponder that and we work with the fan as the absolute center of attention.

In recent weeks, various industry news confirmed this crush on NFTs. Lionel Messi deepened his business relationship with companies linked to the blockchain and, after being announced as an ambassador for the Bitget exchange, he has now been introduced as an ambassador for the sports NFT platform Sorare. The Argentine Football Association, for its part, presented what will be its NFT marketplace powered by OneFootball, soon to be launched. Lastly, the video game developer Square Enix announced Symbiogenesis, the experience that the brand will have with NFTs, which can be used within their own games.


In the last few weeks, there has been a lot of activity within our world. The third edition of Furious Duels was held, the Krümmunity League was held for the fifth time and FITCHIN LAND, a real-scale world in Minecraft, was launched.

In addition to Giants, more members of the FITCHIN family had news. KRÜ Esports debuts against Cloud9 at VCT 2022: Game Changers, the Valorant Women's World Cup. Furious Gaming, for its part, won the Rainbow Six South Cup, while continuing on in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Unite League Flow and in the League of Legends Chilean Super Cup. Finally, Leviatán was runner-up in the Rainbow Six South Cup that the Calavera won and also advanced directly to the playoffs in the Argentine Flow Super Cup of League of Legends.

You already know that you can support your favorite clubs at FITCHIN and be part of their community with the best benefits and exclusive experiences. What are you waiting for to create your account and start participating in our activities?

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