Level up! 🚀 Missions, trophies and much more comes with gamification.

Gamification arrives to transform the gamer experiences we already enjoy at FITCHIN, ushering the beginning of a new era in the interaction between our passionate users and the teams and brands they love.

We are excited to announce the arrival of Gamification to FITCHIN, an evolution of our platform that transforms the gamer experience we already generate and share. This strategic step marks the beginning of a new era in the interaction between our passionate users and the teams they love.

On the other hand, this system generates new spaces of visibility and content creation for brands and sponsors that crave new ways to connect with their target through real interaction, going beyond the levels of branding and awareness.

This was MONSTER's success story in creating a personalised experience for its target group together with FITCHIN

Elevating the gamer experience to new levels

Gamification at FITCHIN represents an integral evolution in the way you immerse yourself in the culture of your favourite team, introducing dynamics designed to foster a deeper connection with the user, inviting them to grow within the community.

Gamification highlights:

  • 🏆 | Trophies: Tournament winners will show off in their profiles exclusive trophies designed specifically by our team for each competition.

  • 🎯 Missions: Take on missions from FITCHIN and the communities you are part of - claim rewards, gain experience and level up! Psst... Some missions give you badges for your profile and celebrate your achievements.

  • 🏅 Community Leaderboard: Take part in a friendly competition and prove your position in the hierarchy of your communities by earning Community Points (PdC) to advance! After the competition, PdC transform into XP which allows you to grow as a user on FITCHIN.


Pioneers in Gamification: KRĂś and LEVIATAN

The KRĂś and LEVIATAN communities are the first to experience the incorporation of Gamification in FITCHIN. These communities are leading the way for what will be a transformation in the way they connect with their fans and sponsors.

In the near future, gamification will be implemented in other gaming communities within the ecosystem such as Naguará and Furious Gaming, as well as with brands and sponsors who want to take their campaigns to the next level.

Get ready for the Gamer Evolution at FITCHIN

We're excited about this new milestone in FITCHIN's history, designed to elevate the gaming experience to new heights. Be sure to write to us on Discord about your own experience with gamification, as well as any questions you may have. We'll be reading you!

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