KUNISPORTS joins the FITCHIN universe

Based on its attractive membership program adapted to different entertainment spaces, FITCHIN is chosen by Kunisports, Kun Agüero's team for the Kings and Queens League, with the aim of providing innovative experiences to its fans and contributing to the professionalization and consolidation of its community.


May 2023 | FITCHIN, the community platform that proposes new fan-centric entertainment experiences, continues steadily in its global positioning strategy and announces its alliance with Kunisports, the team that has Sergio Kun Agüero as president and is part of Kings and Queens League, the 7-a-side soccer league that has Gerard Piqué as president and founder, among other celebrities from professional soccer and the world of streamers, such as the Spaniard Ibai Llanos.

Kunisports joins FITCHIN in search of a stronger bond with its fans. The team, which in a very short time has achieved a reach of more than 1 million followers on its platforms and continues to grow on the international scene, aims to provide its audience with the new membership program and thus be able to give it a more professional and advanced structure.

For its part, the Kings League began on January 1 and is made up of eleven rounds played every weekend. Iker Casillas, Agüero or even Ibai himself are some of the 12 presidents that each team has. Since its announcement, the Kings League has generated a huge stir; with impressive audience numbers, new gameplay and an incredible positioning, the amateur soccer league created by Gerard Piqué breaks all the schemes and continues to innovate. For the teams that are part of the league, this exponential growth implies a responsibility towards their fans, the bond they generate with them and the experiences they offer them.

In this sense, FITCHIN understood that the new era of entertainment presents a unique opportunity to drive the expansion of this industry, and through diverse and attractive experiences, the platform brings a true evolution in the relationship between teams and their fans, in how they build and expand their community and in their dynamics with sponsors, opening an infinite number of possibilities for all players in the scene.

Currently, the Kunisports community is in constant development and consolidation, so the creation of the Hub as a space for real connection with the team will be a key piece for current and future fans. The digital environment will not only bring different experiences and personalized benefits, but will also promote a transition of the community to a professionalized space adapted to the interests of the users. In this first stage, Kunisports launches its membership program for free with limited quotas, specifically 2,500.


"We decided to enter into this agreement with FITCHIN because of the differential offered by the platform in its commitment to the growth of the entertainment industry through superior proposals and attractive experiences. We understand that its technology allows it to adapt to different gaming disciplines, creating the ideal ecosystem for each community to find a unique place to interact and have fun, and that is exactly what we need, to make our community grow and provide them with the best in a space adapted to their interests"

It is important to highlight the flexibility that FITCHIN has in the platform, not only to adapt to different game and entertainment disciplines, but also to the needs of each team. The opportunity that fans now have as Member-Partners is a privilege that gives them the power to co-create a unique community representative of the values of each team. With this new dynamic of interaction, fans are not only part of the origin but also define the path of the community, being leaders of the evolution.

It is not surprising that there are already different organizations that have seen the potential of this system: the importance of approaching the audience and the different ways to do it, focusing on digital experiences with teams and their fans. The value of responding as an integral ecosystem is what differentiates FITCHIN from other current or past proposals in the market and that is why more and more teams are choosing it. Today, teams, brands and the public find in FITCHIN a single, easy-to-access platform that encompasses all these experiences and possibilities: tournaments, voting, events, marketplace, gamification and metaverse, among others, which also allows them to reach new audiences and diversify their positioning.

This new agreement joins those of KRÜ Esports, Leviatán, Furious Gaming and Giants. Thanks to these alliances, FITCHIN reaffirms its positioning by providing the necessary technological support to be one step ahead in terms of real and innovative experiences.

**Don't wait any longer to be part of this global movement! ** To become a member of Kunisports, click on the following link:

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