Introducing FITCHIN Universe : New Communities and Events

We open FITCHIN Universe, a space for new communities and that brings together everything that happens in the world of FITCHIN! 🚀

A Hub to build community 🤝

The FITCHIN Universe Hub is designed to work as a community accelerator for teams, influencers and brands.

It is a meeting point for communities who wish to have their own space and prove themselves by generating experiences for their followers.

Every three months, we will welcome new partners to the FITCHIN Universe Hub, where they can have their own missions, events, giveaways and tournaments. It's an exciting starting point for those communities that want to be part of one of the largest Spanish-speaking ecosystems and go one step further with their fans 🚀.

After the three-month season, these communities will decide whether to continue in FITCHIN Universe to accelerate their project for one more season, or whether they are ready for a Hub of their own.


The whole FITCHIN Universe in one place 🌌

FITCHIN is the link between communities and fans, a platform for traditional and web3 game tournaments, an event organiser on our Minecraft server and Discord, an activator of monthly raffles with influencers and teams... FITCHIN encompasses many things. However, we realised that we didn't yet have a place to unify everything we do.

So why not leverage our own flagship product, the Community Hubs that have already united communities like KRÜ, LEVIATAN or Naguará? In addition to accelerating new communities of teams, influencers and brands, FITCHIN Universe is born to consolidate everything we have to offer, in one place accessible daily for gamers ⭐ !

What to expect in FITCHIN Universe? ☄️

  • New Partners ▶️ We welcome new communities who want to strengthen ties and start generating experiences.
  • Missions ▶️ Complete weekly missions, earn Community Points and badges and climb the leaderboard to win prizes.
  • Tournaments ▶️ Participate in traditional and web3 game tournaments.
  • Trophies ▶️ Win any tournament and win a unique trophy that will be displayed in your public profile wall.
  • Events ▶️ Giveaways on the Hub, double chances in social media raffles, events on Minecraft and Discord, meet&greet, academies and much more.
  • Media ▶️ New releases, voicecomms, exclusive videos...
  • News ▶️ Be the first to know about the latest news, updates and releases in the News section.

We're excited to share this journey with you.

Get ready to explore the FITCHIN Universe! 🚀✨

Oh, and meet FITO, our avatar, named by our community in an intense poll on our social media, what do you think?


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