Founders Season: The next step in the Evolution of gaming

Teaming up with our partners KRÜ Esports, Furious Gaming, Leviathan, and Giants Gaming, we're stoked to announce that registration is now open for memberships that'll let each fan become a Founding Member of their favorite team! By doing so, you'll be among the first to gain access to the Community Hub. Don't miss out on this epic opportunity to show your support and connect with fellow fans!


Here at FITCHIN, we continue to enhance the industry with cutting-edge projects and captivating entertainment experiences that drive interaction between gamers and their favorite esports teams.

To discuss the details of this exciting initiative with industry leaders, we organized a meeting on our show, The Gank. FITCHIN Chief Innovation Officer Jony Ayerbe sat down to chat with CEOs Sergio "Kun" Agüero of KRÜ, Gonzalo García of Furious, Fernando Diez of Leviatán, and José Ramón Díaz of Giants about the Community launch campaign and what it means for fans. No doubt, this groundbreaking initiative is set to take the esports industry by storm!

So... What is Founders Season?

Founders Season is the initial phase of the Community Hub launch, where only a select group of fans who have registered and purchased a membership can become Founding Members and access exclusive perks. As Jony Ayerbe puts it, "It's a program for subscribers, memberships, and subscriptions that'll give fans the chance to level up their involvement and evolve. The Hub holds a world full of possibilities for members.."

Gonzalo García underscored the challenge esports teams face worldwide: "reducing dependence on sponsorship deals."

By becoming a Founding Member, not only will fans be part of the origin story, but they'll also define the community's path, spearheading the evolution alongside their favorite team. Founding Members will have early access to the product and the experience. Furthermore, they’ll have the power to co-create a unique community that embodies each team's values. Unlike other new memberships that will be introduced later this year, being a Founder is a one-of-a-kind privilege. Never again will fans have the opportunity to be part of this exclusive group.

Discussing the value of Leviatán’s community and Founders Season, Diez said, "One of Leviatán’s core values has always been closeness. That’s why we try to host lots of in-person events and stay connected with our fanbase. The ability to do this online and have a space where we can share and provide perks for the team’s supporters is awesome." He also emphasized the importance of their followers and being close to them because "we owe it to them."

The Community Hub: The ultimate meeting point between teams and their fans

Teams and their communities have already created the unique species that identify them within the FITCHIN universe an avatar representing each of the clubs: Krün, Kalaka, Leviatán, and Gigante. The community took center stage during the creation process, voting in different stages on the avatars’ physical traits and outfits, resulting in a collection of skins and accessories.

Meanwhile, Sergio "Kun" Agüero expressed that this initiative is "on the right track. Some people might not get it at first, but over time, they'll grasp what we're aiming for, and most importantly, fans will have a blast with the team and us."

Voting on avatars is just a taste of what fans will find in the Community Hubs, with loads of benefits and experiences designed for them by the teams.

In addition to voting that'll shape the team's future, some of the perks include:

● Competing and racking up points through community tournaments ● Access to IRL (in real life) and digital events ● Priority access to team "Watch Parties" ● Metaverse experiences alongside pro-players and content creators

During the show, FITCHIN CCO Jony Ayerbe elaborated on the benefits for founding members: "There will be very few founders. When the registration season ends at the end of April, we'll send a link to everyone who made the cut. That link will grant them access to their Membership, with unique, founders-only perks like the Mystery Box."

The evolution marches on

The Hub experiences will be ever-evolving and gamified, meaning everything fans do on the platform will help them level up. They'll be able to complete challenges, play in tournaments, earn points and badges, and advance in their community. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Once the avatar creation period ends, each member will have their unique avatar species. They'll take evolution even further with their own Krün, Kalaka, Leviatán, or Gigante, unlocking new levels chock full of benefits and rewards.

Are you ready to be part of the gaming evolution?

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