What is XP Energy?

It's the experience points you accumulate on FITCHIN by participating in activities in your Community Hub such as tournaments, events, polls..... XP Energy will allow you to level up, climb the Community leaderboard and much more.

How do I get XP Energy?

In this article we explain in detail the different ways to earn XP.

Purchase your Membership

Just for the purchase of your membership you will earn XP, between 50 and 300 XP depending on its duration.

  • Monthly ➝ 50XP
  • Half-Yearly ➝ 175XP
  • Annual ➝ 300XP

Play tournaments

Through tournaments you will access the FITCHIN Tournament Ranking, where you will earn tournament points, which will also be reflected as XP on the Community Leaderboard.

IRL and Digital Events

  • Go to an on-site event ➝ 75 XP
  • Go to a digital event ➝ 50 XP


Purchase digital assets from your community's marketplace, you will earn between 25 XP and 100 XP depending on the value and uniqueness of the collectible.

Complete quests!

  • Tryhard I ➝ 400 XP
  • Player I ➝ 300 XP
  • Socializer I ➝ 200 XP
  • Fortune Hunter I ➝ 100 XP
  • Game Changer I ➝ 50 XP

Through all this XP Energy you can** reach the TOP 3 of your community's leaderboard** and access the Monthly Rewards:

  • Each community defines and customizes its rewards for the Top 3 of the leaderboard.
  • We invite you to go to your team's Discord and ask for the Monthly Rewards.

Not a Member of a Community yet? Explore all the Communities here and be part of your favourite one.

For any questions you can contact our official Discord Support.

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