Fitchin sets the Evolution of the Esports Industry with KRÜ, Furious, Leviatán and Giants

Starting today, fans can sign up to become Founding Members of their favorite teams. Only a few will have the chance to access exclusive perks through Digital Subscriptions.


FITCHIN, the global platform for gaming communities, has launched Early Access sign-ups for digital subscriptions to the Community Hubs of KRÜ Esports, Furious Gaming, Leviatán, and Giants Gaming.

This event marks a milestone in the industry, laying the groundwork for a new way to connect esports teams and communities, putting fans at the center of the action. This approach allows gamers to get closer and play a significant role in their favorite teams, interacting with pro players and content creators for immersive experiences in line with a new generation of entertainment.

Becoming a founding member will offer several types of benefits and experiences, custom-designed by each team in collaboration with FITCHIN, using Web3 technology as a key tool. Fans who join the “Founders Seasons” will be able to snag exclusive perks.

This distinction lets fans get involved in the development of the Community Hub development and become early adopters of new updates ahead of the general public. Additionally, fans will also get their hands on these perks:

  • Community tournaments to compete in and rack up points.
  • Score insider access to exclusive esports events and expos.
  • Priority access to team Watch Parties.
  • Hang out with pro players and content creators in Metaverse experiences.


"The entire experience within each team's Community Hub will be progressive and gamified on the FITCHIN platform"

FITCHIN has teamed up with each team and their communities to translate their identity and personality into an iconic character that will represent them in events, experiences, and challenges both inside and outside of each team's Hub: their very own Avatar. These avatars will be unique and customized for each user, evolving based on their interaction with the platform.

The entire experience within each team's Community Hub will be progressive and gamified on the FITCHIN platform: the more members participate, the more long-term benefits they'll gain.

Gamers and fans interested in being part of the esports evolution with the best Spanish-speaking teams can sign up on the official launch website and choose their path within this gaming milestone.

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