FITCHIN leads the true esports evolution, leveling up the industry's growth

The new age of entertainment is ushering in an evolution of the relationship between esports teams and their fans, in how they build and expand their communities, and in their dynamic with sponsors, opening up a world of possibilities for everyone involved in the scene.


FITCHIN, the global platform for gamer communities, recently announced they’ve opened registration for access to the exclusive sale of memberships for their partners: KRÜ Esports, Furious Gaming, Leviatán and Giants Gaming.

This watershed moment for the industry puts gamers at the heart of the movement, connecting teams and their communities in a whole new way. Fans can sign up for a chance to become Founding Members of their favorite esports teams.

FITCHIN's Founders Season lets esports enthusiasts claim a unique position within their team's community. Only a select few will have the chance to score Memberships (or subscriptions) for a range of exclusive benefits and experiences.

Though the concepts of "membership," "subscriber" or "partner" are already commonplace in other industries, in the world of esports, it delivers a unique added value. 2.3 billion people are already familiar with streaming services, where a subscription grants access to a library of audiovisual content. The same goes for services like Game Pass or PS Plus, which let gamers play a vast array of video games.

In esports, memberships powered by the FITCHIN platform offer something truly unique that outshines anything we've ever seen before: fans help drive the development of their Community Hub, earn XP by participating in tournaments, polls, and events, and even choose the avatar that will rep their squad in future experiences. Unlike how fans engage with teams in any other "traditional" sport, the entertainment industry is evolving; today, it offers a new and enticing way to create a sense of belonging, a quintessential feeling for the fans of any team.

With this initiative, Founding Members can also compete on a leaderboard and rack up points through community tournaments, access in-person and streaming events, get priority access to their team's watch parties, and enjoy metaverse experiences alongside pro players and content creators. All this, plus a unique mystery box designed by each team for their first members.

On this platform, organizations can access new exclusive, dynamic and adaptable spaces with everything they need to create unique and innovative moments.

The community Hubs ecosystem also stands out as an added value for the industry that allows teams to benefit from their audience and vice versa, all while reducing dependence on sponsorship deals without neglecting them. But how, you ask? Thanks to the tournaments, events, and various activations available on the platform and within each Hub, brands can conquer new visibility spaces and reach new audiences.


""Esports are a huge opportunity worldwide. Technology has changed the consumption habits of young people, creating connections and developing players’ potential. Esports can even become an opportunity for professional advancement. It's sport and entertainment with a new audience, generating a massive opening and business opportunity. Creating an ecosystem for the gaming community to find a unique place to play, connect, collect and be a part of this new global movement brings us closer to our goal of driving sustainable growth in the industry and cementing its evolution over the coming years""

The gaming and entertainment industry continues to expand with innovative initiatives, solidifying video games as an attractive sector for doing business. Renowned companies with a proven track record are betting on the industry because they see the potential of esports to reach a global audience, especially among young people, and strengthen their brand image. By gaining visibility through events, shows, and tournaments, these companies can reach a broader, more engaged audience, increasing their fanbase and improving public perception of their products and services.

FITCHIN understands that the main factor for teams and brands to reach an audience is the impact platforms have on a group of people. In this case, the platform brings together the most recognized esports organizations, content creators, pro players, prominent figures, fans, sponsors and scene pros. Through its partnerships, FITCHIN seeks to foster the sustainability and continuous expansion of esports and gaming through large-scale special activations, active fan participation in team decisions, and the creation of a community needed to sustain the growth of each team's audience.

It's no surprise that many organizations have already seen the potential of this system: the importance of connecting with audiences and all the ways of doing so, focusing on digital experiences with esports teams and their fans. FITCHIN’s comprehensive ecosystem stands head and shoulders above current and past initiatives.

Today, teams, brands and fans find in FITCHIN a single, easy-to-access platform that encompasses all these experiences and possibilities: tournaments, voting, events, marketplaces, gamification and the metaverse, among others. Thanks to FITCHIN; they can reach new audiences and diversify their positioning. Esports teams in particular can now connect with their fans like never before and lock in potential sponsors better than ever.

Fans can access these memberships at a reasonable price and, in return, receive a service that stands out for its added value and quality experience. By meeting and exceeding fans’ demands, FITCHIN fosters loyalty and growth.

FITCHIN has hit start on the gaming evolution. A select few lucky gamers will be the first to live this new experience as Founding Members.

All gamers and fans keen on being part of this new esports experience with the best Spanish-speaking teams can still register on the official launch website and choose their path in this gaming evolution.

About Fitchin

FITCHIN is a platform that offers new fan-centered entertainment experiences through connections with their favorite esports teams. FITCHIN lets gamers play like a pro and be an active, important member of the teams' communities, with a say in decisions and the chance to develop their own digital identity alongside their team.



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