FITCHIN is driving a new way to connect with audiences

From the membership program, perfectly adapted to different entertainment spaces, we landed in new territories fulfilling some of our main objectives: to provide innovative experiences and contribute to the professionalization and consolidation of communities.


At FITCHIN we understood that the new era of entertainment presents a unique opportunity to boost the expansion of this industry. Through diverse and attractive experiences, our platform proposes a true evolution in the relationship between esports teams and their fans, in how they build and expand their community and in their dynamics with sponsors, opening an infinite number of possibilities for all players in the scene.

In FITCHIN fans can interact directly with their idols and become relevant members of the community of their favorite teams, with the ability to take an active role in decisions about the future and present of the Club. As members of their community, fans have the opportunity to play tournaments with a similar or higher level of production than professional competitions, access exclusive experiences, products and benefits, and own their own digital identity.

In this sense, the first launch of the membership program recently presented by KRÜ Esports -professional esports team created by Sergio Kun Agüero, founder and CEO of KRÜ-, is an event that marks a milestone in the industry, opening the way to a new way of connecting esports teams and communities, placing fans at the center of the scene. The Founders Series, allows KRÜ fans to gain a unique rank within the Club's community and the opportunity to access a series of exclusive benefits and experiences concentrated within the team's official [Hub](

In order to continue to contribute to the industry with superior proposals and attractive experiences of entertainment and interaction, from FITCHIN we continue to explore new spaces that are not limited only to professional esports Organizations. Thanks to the technology implemented, our platform manages to create the ideal ecosystem for each community to find a unique place to interact and have fun.

FITCHIN was also chosen by Kunisports to provide its audience with the membership program in order to give it a more professional and advanced structure. Kunisports is part of the Kings League, the 7-a-side soccer league that has Gerard Piqué as its president and founder, among other celebrities from the professional soccer and streaming world. Currently, the Kunisports community is in constant development and consolidation, so the creation of the Hub as a space to connect with the team will be key for current and future fans. The digital environment will not only bring different experiences and personalized benefits, but will also promote a transition of the community to a professionalized space adapted to the interests of the users. In this first stage, Kunisports decides to launch its membership program for free with limited quotas.

It is important to highlight the flexibility that FITCHIN has in the platform to precisely adapt to different game and entertainment disciplines and to the needs of each team. The opportunity that fans now have as Member-Partners of their teams is a privilege that gives them the power to co-create a unique community representative of the values of each team. With this new dynamic of interaction, fans are not only part of the origin of each team but also define the path of the community, being leaders of the evolution together with their favorite teams.

What are you waiting for to be part of the evolution of gaming?

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