FITCHIN drives the expansion of the entertainment industry

The vertical of gaming, esports and entertainment continues to expand with innovative proposals and consolidating the video game sector as attractive platforms for business.


There is no doubt that the world of esports has grown from being a simple pastime to become a million-dollar industry worldwide, which is also sponsored by large companies that seek to reach new audiences through valuable content for the user. In the last decade, the gaming industry has been raking in profits of such magnitude that it ended up occupying a larger place than the movie and music industries combined.

Is the video game industry really comparable to other industries such as cinema?

Grand Theft Auto V has raked in over $6 billion, according to Marketwatch, comparable to Avatar, the highest grossing movie in history with $2.8BN*. As a result, video game companies and their new releases have become trendy products, promoting a backlash that has taken over the industry.

One of the reasons why esports has increased its degree and professionalization, is the reach and engagement that year after year has continued to increase. This is also reflected in the number of brands that decide to bet on teams, players, content creators and championships, as they have become an attraction for large masses of fans due to their increasingly high exposure.

What is the relationship between an esports organization and a brand?

Organizations obtain from these agreements an economic return that allows them to maximize the quality of their content and events for the audience, which becomes more demanding every year. In addition, these investments allow them to access better player rosters and thus compete in higher-level tournaments.

But the fact that brands land in the industry does not always ensure the best exposure and audience penetration. The level of visibility that teams manage to give them is crucial and challenging, considering that the target audience is not looking for advertising but, instead, wants to live and enjoy disruptive experiences, both physical and digital.

At FITCHIN we understand the present of the industry.

The transformation of esports and its audience represents a unique opportunity to drive its expansion. Through diverse and attractive experiences, our platform proposes a true evolution in the relationship between teams and their fans, in how they build and expand their community and also in the dynamics with their sponsors, opening an infinite number of possibilities for all stakeholders in the scene.

In Argentina, the world of video games -and its peripheral business- is still growing, with a great increase in the number of teams, players, content creators and involved brands. A sign of this growing interest is the arrival of all kinds of companies considered to be from the "traditional" world. The support of these major powers, with strategic actions adapted to this new target, is important for the sustainability and continued growth of esports, as it allows the organization of large-scale events, the development of professional teams, investment in infrastructure and, in general, the creation of a thriving industry worldwide.

Monster Energy bets in esports with a Free Fire Tournament

Well-known brands such as Monster, which recently entered the FITCHIN universe with a major** Free Fire** tournament, are betting on this industry because they recognize the potential of esports to reach a global audience and strengthen their brand image, especially among young people. By sponsoring events, shows, tournaments and new spaces offered by FITCHIN, brands like Monster can approach a wider and more engaged audience, increasing their fan base and positioning their products and services against their competitors.

"Technology has changed the consumption habits of young people, and esports do not only generate bonds, they also develop the potential of those who play them and, in addition, can become an opportunity to advance professionally. It is both sport and entertainment with a new audience, which undoubtedly generates a unique opening and business opportunity. Having the support and trust of brands like Monster, brings us closer to our goal of continuing to drive the growth of this industry but mainly, to mark a before and after in the way teams and talents connect with their audiences, laying the groundwork for the evolution of the entertainment industry in the coming years," concluded Jonathan Ayerbe CCO of FITCHIN.

*Source: Things Have Changed.

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