FITCHIN Arena begins: Compete, win and represent your favorite teams!

FITCHIN's competitive Valorant circuit arrives in September along with KRÜ, Furious, Leviathan and a Booster Cup. Those who qualify in one of the 12 tournaments will play in a grand final in December representing their favorite team: The Final Series.


The Valorant off-season is here, and with it comes a competitive circuit that will allow you to qualify for The Final Series in December, where your team will represent one of these communities: KRÜ, Furious or Leviatan.

Allows participants of any rank in their respective tournament:

  • High ELO: Immortal and Radiant.
  • Low ELO: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Ascendant.

In addition, if you are part of these communities you can win 50% more prizes in all Arena tournaments.

This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports.

Why join a community?

✔️ Krümmunity League➡️ Members of the KRÜ community (the Krümmunity) will receive 50% more prize pool and 50% more XP.

✔️ Copa del Abismo➡️ Members of the Leviatan community (the Levianeta) will receive 50% more prize pool and 50% more XP.

✔️ Duelos Furiosos➡️ Members of the Furious community (the Furious Legion) will receive 50% more prize pool and 50% more XP.

✔️✔️ Booster Cup➡️ Members of any community of the Arena (KRÜ, Leviathan and/or Furious) will receive 50% more prize pool and 50% more XP.

*All 5 players of the team must be members before the start of the tournament to earn this 50%. If they are not members they can still play and win, but they will not get that extra prize pool and XP.


💬 How do I qualify with my team for The Final Series? You must win one of the 12 tournaments included in the FITCHIN Arena circuit to qualify for The Final Series.

💬 When is The Final Series? Between the first 2 weeks of December. We will tell you the specific dates later, stay tuned for more details on our Social Media.

💬 How do I get 50% more prize pool and XP? If the whole team is a community member before the tournament starts and you are in the top, you will win 50% more prize pool and XP.

💬 Do we get more prize if we have won Krümmunity but we are members of Furious? No, to win 50% more prizes all the team must be a member of the community that organizes the tournament. In the Booster Cup it doesn't matter which community you are a member of to get the extra prizes.

💬 What is the Booster Cup? It is an extra tournament to qualify to The Final Series and win more prizes by being a member of any community of the FITCHIN Arena (KRÜ, Furious or Leviatan).

💬 Is there any official support for FITCHIN Arena? Yes, go to our Discord and contact FITCHIN Support for personalized attention, we will answer all your questions!

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