Online Sports Predictions and Web3: A Responsible Hobby

Technology advancement has opened new doors in all fields, including sports predictions, allowing adult fans to enjoy their favorite sports and participate in a more interactive and lucrative way. In this context, the concept of web3 sports predictions is rapidly gaining ground.

What is Web3 and How does it Influence Sports Predictions?

Web3, also known as the third generation of the Internet, is based on blockchain technology, which allows for greater decentralization and security. In the field of sports predictions, web3 introduces features such as transparency, immutability and eliminating intermediaries, making transactions more straightforward and reliable.

The web3 sports prediction platforms allow users to predict outcomes in sporting events using cryptocurrencies. These platforms not only offer the excitement of traditional predictions, but also provide greater transparency and security, making them attractive to sports and technology enthusiasts.

BundlesBets: Web3 Sports Predictions

BundlesBets is one of the leading platforms in this space, specializing in web3 sports predictions. The platform allows predictions using cryptocurrencies, guaranteeing transparent and secure transactions thanks to blockchain technology. BundlesBets provides detailed statistics and analytics that help users make informed decisions. But, as always, it is essential to remember that predictions must be made responsibly, setting limits and understanding that sports prediction is a hobby, is only for the coming of age and not a guaranteed source of income.

FITCHIN and BundlesBets: Trofeo de las Americas

The FITCHIN: Trofeo de las Américas tournament in the PES 6 game has BundlesBets as an official sponsor, thus the predictions platform takes its first step in gaming. In FITCHIN's PES 6 tournament, players and fans from all over Latin America South will compete in one of the most popular soccer games of all time. The sponsorship between FITCHIN and BundlesBets not only highlights the importance of web3 technology in the world of esports, but also underlines the commitment of both brands to innovation and excellence. Participants and spectators of the Trophy of the Americas will be able to enjoy the tournament action on Fitchin while exploring web3 sports prediction opportunities on the BundlesBets platform.

Responsible Gaming: An Important Message

Although sports predictions can be an exciting and, in some cases, lucrative hobby, it is crucial to approach this activity with responsibility, as well as being old enough to practice it.

Here are some tips in case you decide to get into this activity:

  1. Set a Budget: Decide how much money you are willing to spend and do not exceed that limit.
  2. Be informed: Use the available statistics and analysis to make informed decisions.
  3. Know the Risks: Remember that there is always a risk involved in this activity and never invest money that you can't afford to lose.
  4. Enjoy the Game: Sports predictions should be fun. If you ever feel like you are losing control, seek help.

The game may generate problems, in that case do not hesitate to seek help.


Web3 sports predictions mark an exciting evolution in the field, offering transparency, security and an enhanced user experience. With platforms like BundlesBets, fans can enjoy their favorite sports in a new and exciting way. And with events like the Trofeo de las Americas, FITCHIN continues to lead the way in producing events and experiences for young audiences. We are grateful to sponsors like BundlesBets who allow us to make them happen.

Remember, the key is to enjoy this hobby responsibly.

Let the betting begin and may the best man win in the Trofeo de las Americas!

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