Naguará Leaderboard 💎

Discover how to position yourself on the Naguará Leaderboard and win amazing prizes every season Let's go craaaaack!

In Naguará the thrill of competition knows no bounds and the Community Leaderboard is the proof! Each season, the most dedicated and active members have the chance to shine and win amazing prizes.

Are you ready to join the race for the TOP?

Prizes of the Current Season

This season's Naguará Leaderboard prizes are the following:

  • Top 1: $50 in Diamonds and 500 FIT.
  • Top 2: 20 dollars Diamonds and 300 FIT
  • Top 3: 10 dollars in Diamonds and 100 FIT

How do I climb the Leaderboard?

Your path to the TOP is determined by the amount of Community Points ( PdC) you earn during the season.

You collect Community Points every time you do certain actions in FITCHIN, and they allow you to position yourself on the Leaderboard and enter the competition for the top positions and prizes.

Note: Community Points reset every season!

Complete Missions

The quests are waiting for you in the "Missions" section of the Naguará community and you will see new ones appearing every month. You will find different types, the most competitive for tournaments (Player), others more social (Socializer), and some less common for the bravest (Hunter).

Each completed mission brings you closer to the Top 3!

Play Tournaments

Action and competition in FITCHIN are the way to more PdC. Play tournaments and score points regardless of the final result, because you'll be accumulating points just by participating.

No matter your level of competition, in Naguará everyone has the opportunity to compete and win.

See you craaaaaaack!

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